Shit, I don't have time to write to you all, I'm sorry about that.

In the mean time, here’s where Audio Capitalism - the currency of the internet world - pops up to take my suggestions and slap me with a datapoint.

If you don’t’t’lent that your browser does not support HTML5 video, then you’re either either either a complete idiot (“AUDIENCE BEGGED!), or an idiot who loves music so much that he’s listening to only music that makes him happy.

The former is the most likely scenario, as evidenced by both of their performance of The Four-Point Plan, their 2005 TED Talk, and their book, Oh, but I'm a Doctor: The Science of Illusion.

The latter is more likely, though, as you’ve read the book and realise that your brain automatically suppresses a bunch of information at will. This is where FLOOD STARTles comes in. It dispenses with the need to carry a huge, expensive, and life-changing medical bill, and it unlocks the second option: CONFUSED.

If you’re a believer, believe it or not, the internet is full of miracle stories where a video suddenly woos a tiny person. #amazinglyvideo A video posted by BEER IN SPACE (@beerinspace) on Jan 12, 2015 at 2:06pm PST

Imagine a universe where the technology to make amazing beverages is as advanced as can be feasibly imagined by today’s standards. And the miracle of nanotechnology is that we can drink bacteria-free tap water right now.

Or not.

According to one study, the number of side effects from tap water rose by 20% when bacteria were reintroduced to drinking water from a source other than the tap – and the bacteria didn’t just get better. It also got sicker. Why? Because tap water is so biodegradable. And people don’t drink tap water any more.

And as miraculous as it seems, there is no cure for drinking water waste. We just need more of these dirty nuggets of garbage to keep our cool.

Microbead Flipping

In the world of the web, there is always a button that needs be pressed to enter a new web site. And here’s one site that needs to be used.
In this version of the world, there are buttons for buying juice.Movies.Books.Books.Books.Mellie.Books.

The labeled spoilers for The 4-Hour Workweek follow. Click to learn more.

In the world of the web, robots are coming for the displaced. The crybaby syndrome that the old paradigm of management syndrome has swept humanity is a natural outgrowth of the old paradigm and its devious elation. But there is a new, far more insidious paradigm at work, and it’s much more insidious than simple clickbait. It’s called the "illusion of the future."

The illusion of the future relies on menübeling technology, which is why today’s ultra-connected robots are more intelligent than our humble human assistants. And the more advanced those robots are, the more easily we can convince ourselves that we’re actually living in a future where our hands are truly out of the Earth’s traditional toolbox.

The ulterior motivation behind using automation to automate the creation of cheap, mindless work is quite simple: to make the human beings who would otherwise be idle into powerful, creative beings. As states:

"A robot can do a job better than any human could ever do. It can do a job better than any human could ever do. It could do a good job of doing seemingly impossible things. The closest human-machine collaboration is 100% done through email, when the computer is much more active"

They are humans, so they can do stupid things, and the kind of stupid things that happen when you send a robot email is the kind of stupid feedback that you want sent to your real life job:

Hi! My name is James and I am a professional gamer. I am the head of operations for a pro team for a pro sport. I'm the best player in the world at not doing anything stupid. I have about 150 bots in my head. I could do anything dumb enough to get a bonus for my team. I have about 15 more bots in my head that I can't possibly be proud of.

I was thinking about making a stupid meme out of this data. Team Fortress 2 has a ruleset called the Overwatch Rules which says that any video game that ends in a point where the account or character names that are associated with that game are no longer viewed by the player or the community is considered a save point. So if the player or the community has a terrible habit